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in order to download the free trial version, click one of the links below, save the file, install and start GPSResults.exe

GPSResults V6.190 for Windows® 11, 10, 8, 7

Required: Microsoft Redistributables: VCRedist_X86



commercial usage of the program, e.g. for evaluation of contests is explicitly

not allowed without consent of the author.


Please request more infos from: info@gps-speed.com


The software is provided without any warranty, expressed or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no case shall the program author be liable for any loss of profits or any other commercial damage, including special, incidental, consequential or other damages

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 last update: February 17, 2024


Version 6.190 PC

Added upload to SpeedJägerGermany


Version 6.188 PC

Added compressed file-format (GPY)


Version 6.187 PC

Added enhanced speed and altitude fields for FIT-format, fixed time-offset for OAO-files


Version 6.185 PC

Added number of satellites for FIT-format, fixed time-offset for OAO-files, added upload to SpeedjägerFehmarn


Version 6.182 PC

Minimum read speed for all file formats, improved scaling of list columns/rows


Version 6.181 PC

Enabled FIT-format for Garmin Fenix


Version 6.180 PC

Patched FIT-library to read developer fields (sats, HDoP, CoG)


Version 6.174 PC

Updated FIT-library to latest version


Version 6.173 PC / 5.63 Mac

Replaced 20 sec by 30 minutes category, changed maximum acceleration for 10Hz units from 8 to 10m/s²


Version 6.171 PC / 5.62 Mac:

Added oao-file format for Motion GPS, removed 30 days trial period


Version 6.161 PC:

http -> https


Version 6.160 PC / 5.50 Mac:

Upload of results to www.gps-speed.com


Version 6.151 PC / 5.44 Mac:

Fixed a glitch with negative timesteps


Version 6.150 PC / 5.43 Mac:

Fixed GPX-and NMEA-export for Mac


Version 6.149 PC / 5.43 Mac:

Changed speed-error limits from +/-1.5 to +/-2.0knots (< 5Hz) and from +/-3.0 to +/-4.0knots (>= 5Hz)


Version 6.148 PC / 5.42 Mac:

Improved handling of *.ubx- and *.gpx-files


Version 6.147 PC / 5.41 Mac:

Improved handling of *.fit files


Version 6.146 PC:

Improved handling of u-blox 7/8 UBX 18Hz data


Version 6.144 PC / 5.40 Mac:

Improved handling of ThingSee UBX 10Hz data


Version 6.143 PC:

Added support for SUUNTO Ambit3 GPX-extensions


Version 5.39 Mac:

Added support for GW52 header and Thingsee UBX file format


Version 6.142 PC:

Added support for Thingsee UBX file format


Version 6.141 PC:

Fixed a problem with SBP-headers from GW52 and incomplete category results


Version 6.140 PC:

Fixed a problem with export to the latest version of GoogleEarth


Version 6.139 PC:

Fixed a glitch with positional data and Alpha categories


Version 6.138 PC:

FIT-file format supported, handling of files without satellite information improved


Version 6.123 PC, 5.36 Mac:

UBX corrupted file handling improved


Version 6.122 PC, 5.35 Mac:

24 hour results reviewed, upload of all run and track points added


Android 2.3.3 Testversion


Version 6.105 PC:

Custom website upload added, filter-settings no longer saved


Version 6.104 PC, 5.31 Mac:

GPX-reader improved, UBX support for 10Hz sampling rate improved, maximum SDoP limit implemented (1.5knots), color coded tracks (Mac-version)


Version 6.96 PC:

Averaging files from Doppler-units with different firmware versions possible. New gated categories (250m and 500m) with given start-line only.


Version 6.90 PC:

Improved support of UBX-format (from U-Blox chipsets), user defined time-categories extended for shorter runtimes (s has to be added after the number, without s the number is taken as number of minutes as before, for example 13s gives results for 13 second runs)


Version 6.82 PC:

corrected speeds from two GT31 SDOP GPS units, gated speed measurements with segments of a circle, gatewidth can be modified by Ctrl & Mousewheel


Version 6.71 PC:

Bug in trapezoidal integration (2/10/20s categories) fixed


Version 6.70 PC:

Upload-protocols updated, user-defined distance (1-100.000m) and time categories (1-24*60min), speed error-envelopes from GT31 SDoP values, number of averages for rankings can be adjusted (default: 2), satellite polar traces, satellite over time display.






Version 6.63 PC, 5.27Mac:

Upload-protocol updated, GT31-waypoints can be read from Bin-files


Version 6.61 PC, 5.26Mac:

Upload-protocol updated


Version 6.60 PC:

Problems with files containing data with irregular sampling times fixed, Polarplot fixed


Version 6.55 PC, 5.25Mac:

Display bug fixed (could cause crashes), start- and end-positions of runs transmiited to server


Version 6.50 PC, 5.20Mac:

Improved Alpha-detection, 24 hours category added, error-estimation modified (average error (worst case) and Gaussian error-propagation (best case with error cancellation)):

wp51f0256b.gif wpefd648d0.gif

Average error (single GT31)

wp6e1a5dc9.gif wpbca345ed.gif

Gaussian error propagation (single GT31)


Average error (two GT31)


Gaussian error propagation (two GT31)


Version 6.10 PC:

Overlay of fastest runs for comparison, Alpha categories improved, Alpha-proximity radius can be displayed



Version 6.02 PC:

Polarplot with more functionality: adjustable wind-direction, display of angle and up- / down-speed, North or winddirection up:


wp6164187d.gif wp1c2679c2.gif


Version 6.0 PC, 5.01 Mac:

SDOP values (GT31 Doppler-speed errors) used for error estimation, data from two units (same firmware required) can be combined. For 10s and 20s runs a more accurate cubic spline is used for the average speed computation. A new keycode is required for this version.


Version 5.50 PC, 4.28 Mac:

Address for icesailing-server added for automated upload of results, 12 hours category added,

PC-version automatically loads last background image


Version 5.49 PC:

Address change for kitespeed-site, speed as elevation for GE-export


Version 4.23 PDA:

1 hour category deactivated due to performance issues


Version 5.48 PC:

Gated Doppler-speeds fixed, Cknots removed


Version 4.26 Mac:

30 days trial period reset


Version 5.47 PC:

Timelimits (direct input) fixed, append files improved


Version 5.46 PC, 4.25 Mac:

Upload of unused alpha-category results removed


Version 4.24 Mac:

Nautical mile with jibe, Alpha 1NM deactivated


Version 5.45 PC:

Timelimits setting fixed, direct input of timezone possible


Version 5.44 PC:

Progress-display for long lasting computations, average of the three fastest runs added


Version 5.42 PC:

Bug fixed in initialization of serial device list


Version 5.41 PC:

NMEA-datalogger for GPS-devices with Bluetooth or serial port connnection:



Version 5.40 PC:

Support for MTK-based GPS-dataloggers with 5Hz recording (tested with BT747):

wp4433df27.gif wp7c7f9342.gif